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My name is Jamie and I’ve been writing poetry and short fiction for years. Ever since I was a kid, I loved reading and writing stories. Lastly, obligatory content warning, since most of my work is heavy because I draw a lot from my own experiences and mental illness that might make it difficult to read if you’re sensitive to that. No pressure. But, if you do stay, I hope you enjoy.

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a little something to take the edge off

a little something to take the edge off bright red scratches outlined in anger digging around my chest cavity scooping out every organ stuck under fingernails presenting something heavy, beating, but set it back down and it echoes empty louder than the sharpened screams stuck bouncing in tiled hallways tangled extension cords and out-of-circuit lightbulbs


burial throat covered in bile swallowing water like gasoline burning, singed smell with each bite ice pick taking the tar off of bones crystallized grass from the frosted-over ground each tap of the shovel scooping out heavy earth